Figure 3. Differences of (a) SMAP V4.0, (b) SMAP V5.0 and (c) SMOS V700 L2c data and Argo salinity matchup by latitude bands.

Figure 3 shows the in situ difference statistics in discrete latitude bands for SMAP V4.0 and V5.0 and SMOS V700 data.  Blue lines are the medians of the salinity differences and red lines are the standard deviations (STD) of the salinity differences. The medians of dSSS are very close in SMAP V4.0 and V5.0, but V5.0 shows smaller standard deviations in the high latitudes. These results correspond to Figure 2, with smaller median and STD observed in lower latitude (40°S to 30°N) with larger negative biases appearing in the high latitudes (>50 degrees) of both hemispheres.