Antarctic Tide Gauge Database

Browse and download ocean tide height harmonics at locations around Antarctica.

Global Ocean Surface Currents

View and download up-to-date ocean surface current analyses (OSCAR) derived from satellite data.


ENSO cycle as indicated by 1st EOF of surface current and SST anomalies.


The Pacific decadel oscillation as indicated by the spatial EOF pattern and amplitude of the first EOF of the T/P/J altimeter SSH anomaly.


Download Multi-mission Optimally Interpolated Sea Surface Salinity.

Polar Tide Models

Download Arctic, Antarctic, and global barotropic tide models and our Matlab "TMD" toolbox.

Salinity Validation Data System

Validation of satellite derived ocean surface salinity using Argo and other in situ data.  View validation results and download salinity validation matchup data.


Sea Surface Salinity Horizontal Gradients

View and download up-to-date ocean surface salinity gradients derived from satellite and Argo data and see results for salinity gradient validation.


For additional data related products and tools, view our shared code repositories on GitHub: