Our SVDS_PiMEP GitHub Repository provides software and documents developed in support of SVDS and the PiMEP NASA-ESA Collaboration.

The Salinity Validation Data System (SVDS) was developed at Earth and Space Research (ESR) to provide systematic estimation and assessment of satellite sea surface salinity over the global ocean, including but not limited to match-ups with in situ data and triple point collocation analysis.

ESA’s Salinity Pilot Mission Exploitation Platform (Salinity Pi-MEP) is an innovative platform that allows users to evaluate the quality of satellite salinity data using matchups within situ data, statistical tools, mapping and visualization tools, and automated report generation.



Scientists at ESR continue to develop tools for calibration-validation of NASA Aquarius/SAC-D and NASA Soil Moisture Active Passive (SMAP) data and are providing them to the Pi-MEP platform as part of this NASA-ESA collaboration.