OISSS version 3.0 (v3.0) has been developed to improve the resolution and quality of the current product.


The key changes in OISSS v3.0 are as follows:

SMOS observations (Level 2 OS version 700) are included over the entire period of the dataset (i.e. not only to fill gaps in SMAP observations as in OISSS v2.0).
The data are processed at full spatial resolution.
Improved bias-correction algorithms are implemented to correct satellite SSS retrievals for systematic instrument biases. Measurements from the SMOS satellite are calibrated with respect to SMAP SSS.
Spatial OI is applied to 4-day Level 2 SSS data (instead of 8-day as in OISSS v2.0) with a 4-day time step. This improves temporal resolution of the dataset
Temporal OI is applied to 4-day SSS maps to produce daily time series.
Improved estimates of the signal and error statistics are used in the OI algorithm. Correlation scales are based on the spatiotemporal analysis of the satellite SSS data (Yi et al., 2022, Remote Sensing, 14(21), 5435).


The evaluation version of the OISSS v3.0 high-resolution dataset is available to download through HTTPS. Please follow the links below to download the dataset. The dataset is in NetCDF format. For more information, see ReadMeV3.pdf.


We welcome evaluation and comments from users of the product with respect to utility and any issues. Please send comments to Dr. Oleg Melnichenko at oleg@esr.org