The Salinity Snake explained

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Watch as ESR’s Julian Schanze explains the “Salinity Snake”, a ship-mounted instrument that measures conditions within the top inch of the ocean surface. He is currently aboard the R/V Woldstad in the Arctic using the Salinity Snake to collect data … Read More

The Salinity Snake

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The Salinity Snake is at it again: As part of NASA’s SASSIE field campaign, ESR Scientist Julian Schanze is in the Arctic Ocean measuring surface salinity using the Salinity Snake. This measures salinity at the same depth as observed by … Read More


The Salinity and Stratification at the Sea Ice Edge (SASSIE) team has just begun a comprehensive, three-month data collection mission to the Arctic Ocean. A fleet of Wave Gliders was just deployed in the Beaufort Sea. The goal of this … Read More

30th Anniversary of ISW

Today, ESR celebrates the 30th anniversary of Ice Station Weddell (ISW), a US-Russian ice camp set up from the Russian ship Akademik Fedorov onto a multiyear drifting ice floe near 71.4oS in the western Weddell Sea. ESR’S Laurie Padman was … Read More