Arctic HF internal waves


ESR’s Laurie Padman was a co-author on a recently published paper that describes how tidal currents in the Arctic Ocean create large high-frequency internal waves that cause ocean mixing.  The paper was motivated by data he and colleagues collected in the Arctic in 1989, 33 years ago.  Digging up this old data from files passed down through multiple computer drives (and drive types!) was a challenge, and is a great example of why Open Data requirements by funding agencies and publishers will benefit future scientists.  


Laurie Padman at the CEAREX O camp in 1989.


Read the full paper at:

Urbancic, G. H., Lamb, K. G., Fer, I., & Padman, L. (2022). The Generation of Linear and Nonlinear Internal Waves Forced by Subinertial Tides over the Yermak Plateau, Arctic Ocean, Journal of Physical Oceanography, 52(9), 2183-2203.