ESR provides Matlab software, the Tide Model Driver (TMD) package, to access all the listed models, to output harmonic constants, and to make tidal predictions.

There are currently two main versions of TMD:  

  • TMD 2.5: The original tide model driver toolbox for use with binary model files
  • TMD 3.0: A rewrite of TMD2.5, for use with new consolidated netcdf model files

TMD software (v2.5), for old format binary files, is available for download from the following locations:

TMD software (v3.0), for consolidated NetCDF model files, is available for download from the following locations:

Alternatives to the MATLAB TMD toolbox:

FORTRAN: A Fortran version of this package is made available through OSU: OSU Tidal Prediction software (OTPS)

PYTHON: pyTMD, created by T. C. Sutterley, is a Python-based tidal prediction software package, based on our MATLAB TMD package, that reads OTIS and GOT formatted tidal solutions for calculating ocean and load tides.