ESR is committed to promoting public awareness of the excitement and significance of scientific research, with an emphasis on the ocean’s role in climate.

Our scientists are very interested in working one-on-one with teachers (middle school – high school) to help and inspire students in their exploration of ocean science in the classroom. ESR has helped with class projects, developed science websites with students, and even sent a teacher to Antarctica. Please contact Susan Howard (Seattle, WA) or Laurie Padman (Corvallis, OR) if you would like to develop a working relationship with a scientist and examine the ways in which we could help you bring oceanography to your classroom.

We also participate in a variety of other outreach work: career fests, science fairs, adult lectures, school talks, and education seminars. Some of our recent work is shown below:



  • 10/30/18 – Sky Valley Education Center Harry Potter Workshop
  • 10/27/18-10/28/18 – Seattle Geek Girl Con
  • 5/05/18 – Shoreline STEM Festival
  • 4/20/18 – John Rogers Elementary Science Night
  • 3/08/18 – Juanita Elementary STEM Night
  • 2/15/18 – Lake Forest Park Elementary Science Discovery Night
  • 2/08/18 – Echo Lake Elementary Science Night
  • 1/25/18 – ESR’s Susan Howard gave a talk to students at Glacier Peak High school on oceanography and research in Antarctica
  • 1/17/18 – ESR’s Susan Howard returned to Thoreau Elementary to talk to the students about her experiences in Antarctica


  • 10/13/2017 – ESR’s Susan Howard introduced Thoreau Elementary 5th grade students to the Rosetta-Ice project and her upcoming trip to Antarctica, which they will be following through her blog.
  • 9/30/2017 & 10/1/2017 – Seattle Geek Girl Con
  • 5/20/2017 – Shoreline STEM Festival
  • 4/19/2017 – Edmonds Heights Science Fair
  • 2/15/2017 – Lake Forest Park Elementary Science Discovery
  • 1/26/2017 – Echo Lake Elementary Science Night


  • 11/1/2016 – ESR’s Senior Scientist Emeritus, Dr. Robin Muench, presented a lecture on Understanding Climate Change and the Role of The Oceans at the Wenatchee River Institute in Leavenworth, WA
  • 10/17/2016 & 10/24/2016 –  ESR researcher Susan Howard gave presentations on “Atmospheric Circulation” and “Ocean Circulation” to a group of 6th grade students at Woodinville Montessori School.
  • 10/8/2016 &-10/9/2016 – ESR Researchers Daria Halkides and Susan Howard debuted content from the Ice Sheet System Model (ISSM) Virtual Earth System Lab (VESL) at Geek Girl Con (GGC) 2016 in Seattle, WA
  • 3/25/2016 – Hollywood Hill Elementary STEM fair
  • 5/14/2016 – Shoreline STEM Festival
  • 3/7/2016 –   Dr. Lagerloef’s presented “Climate Science in the Space Age” at Open Mic Science Night on Bainbridge Island, WA.
  • 2/11/2016 – Echo Lake Elementary Science Night
  • 1/14/2016 – Juanita Elementary STEM night


  • 9/30/2015 – ESR Scientists Susan Howard and Daria Halkides presented an overview of their respective careers in oceanography at the STEM4 HER program at Shorewood High School on Sept 30, 2015.
  • 5/8/2015 – ESR Scientists Susan Howard and Daria Halkides hosted a booth at the Shoreline STEM Festival, which featured hands-on activities which explored the properties of density in the ocean.
  • 2/11/2015 – ESR Scientists Susan Howard, Kathleen Dohan and Julian Schanze participated in the Shoreline Echo Lake Elementary PTA’s Science Night .



  • 10/8/2014 – Susan Howard’s presentation and lab for 6th graders at Woodinville Montessori School focused on ocean and atmospheric circulation, solar heating & the ocean’s effect on climate.
  • The Great Pacific Row race took place from Monterey, CA to Honolulu, HI. ESR’s Dr. Julian Schanze installed a thermosalinograph meter onboard to take salinity measurements in the top 5 centimeters of the ocean surface on his website, Ocean Salinity, which contained real-time data points, background and other fascinating details on the race and how the instrument he installed onboard The Limited Intelligence correlated to the Aquarius SAC/D Mission and the importance of measuring ocean salinity.
  • 3/27/2014 – Juanita Elementary in Kirkland, WA hosted a STEM event recently. ESR’s Susan Howard and Scott Springer provided polar science experiments, featuring density & the oceans, for the school’s first STEM event.
  • 3/2014 – 4/2014 – Dr. Dohan is interviewed with MSNBC and other new agencies and explores OSCAR data of ocean currents for missing Malaysian Airways, Flight M370.
  • 2/6/2014 –  Science Night at Echo Lake Elementary.


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