Michael Town


Research Scientist


website:  University of Bergen

email: michael.town (at) esr.org

Research and Education Focus: Surface energy budget, Stable boundary layers, Snow metemorphism, Clouds, Polar meteorology, Stable water isotopes, Avalanches, Numerical modeling, Education, Equity.


Mike’s research efforts are focused on cold, snowy places (e.g. polar regions, Cascades in the winter). He is interested in clouds and radiation, as well as snow metamorphism and its influence on stability and the stable water isotope signature. He uses a mixture of in situ observations, machine learning, and physically-based models to solve problems.

His education efforts have been focused developing an equitable teaching methodology in which students learn real-world skills by solving real-world problems. This effort has many facets including (but not limited to):

  • a focus on educators collecting and learning from equity-relevant data in their classrooms,
  • curating data sets and collaborations that draw the outside world into the classroom,
  • putting students at the center of the problem-solving, learning, and celebrations.



For a complete publication list, see Michael Town on Google Scholar.