ESR's Polar Science team contributes to understanding the polar oceans and ice through fieldwork, modeling, and satellite remote sensing.


Antarctic Tide Gauge Database

Browse and download ocean tide height harmonics at locations around Antarctica.

Polar Tide Models

Download Arctic, Antarctic, and global barotropic tide models and our Matlab "Tide Model Driver (TMD)" toolbox.


Rosetta-Ice is a multi-institution investigation of the geology, glaciology and oceanography of the Ross Embayment and Ross Ice Shelf.

Changing Antarctic Ice Shelves

ESR personnel work with colleagues at other institutions to measure changes in Antarctica’s ice shelves on time scales from tidal to multi-decadal, and to understand the atmospheric and oceanic causes of these changes.

Sea Ice

Sea ice projects at ESR study responses to tidal currents and eddies that are not typically included in climate models.