Oceans Control Our Climate

Our Earth is a water planet – its surface is covered by three times as much water as land. And even on land we are not far from the ocean. Every day ocean water soaks up into the air (evaporates) and blows away with the wind. It drifts overhead as clouds and falls on us as rain and snow. Without the oceans our land would be dry and bare as the moon. The ocean is like a big, warm swimming pool, keeping the Earth warm and wet with its steam.




Oceans Are Full of Life

Scientists are pretty sure that life on planet Earth first started in the oceans long ago. Even now, so many years later, the oceans still have some of the neatest living things. The oceans are the home of:



Why We Study the POLAR Oceans

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The cold oceans near the north and south poles have everything the other oceans have – with ice on top as well.