2018 Ocean Sciences Meeting


The following ESR Scientists will be giving presentations at the annual Ocean Sciences Meeting, held this year in Portland, Oregon, February 11-16, 2018.


Monday, February 12


9:30AM: Oregon Convention Center, B116

Dr. Gary Lagerloef, ESR Scientist Emeritus

Topic:  Seasonal to Interannual Surface Ocean Salinity Variations with Aquarius Data


12:00pm: Oregon Convention Center, B116

Dr. Julian Schanze, ESR Research Scientist

Topic:  The Physics of Very-Near Surface Salinity Stratification and its Effects on Satellite Salinity



Thursday, February 15


8:00AM: Oregon Convention Center, C123-C124

Dr. Kathleen Dohan, ESR President & Senior Scientist

TopicYear-Round Currents and Hydrography Observed in the Amundsen Sea from Profiling Floats and Altimetry, with Implications for Shelf-Slope Exchange and Sea Ice Thermodynamics


9:15AM: Oregon Convention Center, C123-C124

Dr. Scott Springer, ESR Research Scientist

TopicThe Seasonal Cycle of the Upper Ocean near the Ross Ice Shelf Front from Autonomous Profiling Floats and Models


2:00 PM: Oregon Convention Center, C123-C124

Dr. Laurence Padman, ESR Senior Scientist

Topic:  Role of Tides on the Formation of the Antarctic Slope Front, Flux of Warm Water onto the Continental Shelves, and Antarctic Bottom Water Production


Friday, February 16


2:24PM: Oregon Convention Center, Oregon Ballroom 204

Dr. Chelle Gentemann, ESR Senior Scientist

TopicSatellite sea-surface temperatures along the west coast of the United States during the 2014-2016 northeast Pacific marine heat wave