Robin Muench

ESR Co-Founder
Scientist Emeritus

Research focus: Physical oceanographic research in both polar regions, with emphasis on: mesoscale process, their dynamics and coupling to larger scales; double-diffusive processes; boundary layer mixing processes; free convective processes including both open ocean and shelf convection; shelf-slope plume flows; cross-shelf exchanges; and interannual change.

Robin D. Muench is co-founder, with Dr. Gary S.E. Lagerloef, of Earth & Space Research. Dr. Muench’s early collegiate educational preparation was in physics (AB from Bowdoin College in 1964) and in earth sciences (MA from Dartmouth College in 1966). This background prepared him for PhD studies in physical oceanography at the University of Washington (PhD awarded in 1970). Dr. Muench first went to sea as an oceanographer in 1965 when he participated in a research cruise to the Greenland Sea aboard a US Navy icebreaker. He has since frequently participated in field-based physical oceanographic research, primarily in the Arctic and Antarctic. His research reflects a holistic approach that attempts to assess a given physical system as a connected whole. He has addressed problems ranging from microscale turbulent mixing to ocean basin boundary currents and the relationships between physical processes acting over this wide range of time and space scales. His most recent research has dealt with small-scale to mesoscale processes related to ocean turbulence and mixing, with specific application to oceanographic processes associated with the Antarctic continental margins. His research activities since retirement to an emeritus position in 2007 have focused on processes associated with the continental slope and shelf off Western Antarctica, a region dominated in the Ross Sea by deep ocean bottom formation and in the Amundsen Sea by ocean-forced acceleration of mass loss from ice shelves and the adjacent glaciers and ice sheet.

Dr. Muench has served in many oceanographic research community roles including Oceanography Section Editor for Eos, Associate Editor for Journal of Geophysical Research-Oceans, President of the International Association for Physical Sciences of the Ocean (IAPSO), and ex officio member of the Executive Committee for the Scientific Council on Ocean Research (SCOR). He more recently chaired SCOR Working Group 121 on Ocean Mixing. He is at present a member of the US National Committee for Geodesy and Geophysics, and serves as Secretary for Physical Oceanography of the Oceanography Section, American Geophysical Union.


B.S. (1964) Bowdoin College (Physics)
M.S. (1966) Dartmouth College (Geology).
Ph.D. (1970) University of Washington (Physical Oceanography).



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