TPXO7.1: Global Inverse Tide Model

Gary Egbert, OSU

Map of M2 sea surface height amplitude (m) from TPXO7.1. Click on image for clearer figure.
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Lana Erofeeva, OSU
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Laurence Padman, ESR (TMD issues)
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Funded by NASA

Model and Software Summary

TPXO7.1 is a medium-resolution, 1/4o x 1/4o global inverse tide model developed by Gary Egbert and Lana Erofeeva at Oregon State University. The model domain includes ocean cavities under the floating ice shelves in Antarctica and Greenland. TPXO7.1 assimilates TOPEX/Poseidon (T/P) and TOPEX Tandem satellite radar altimetry (available for the ice-free ocean between +/-66o latitude), and in situ tide gauge data in the Antarctic (see ESR’s Antarctic Tide Gauge Database) and the Arctic (cf. the Arctic inverse model AOTIM-5). TPXO7.1 is one of the most accurate global tidal solutions, particularly for high latitudes because of the assimilation of tide gauge data and since it utilizes recent Antarctic grounding line information.

TPXO7.1 is distributed with a Matlab Graphical User Interface ("GUI") called "TMD" (the Tide Model Driver). TMD can be used to quickly access and browse the model, and to make tide height and current (velocity component) predictions. The TMD package also contains scripted functions for use in batch-mode Matlab processing. For an overview of the GUI and scripts, view or download the README PDF file. For FORTRAN access, please go to the Oregon State "OTIS" web page.

Please reference Egbert and Erofeeva (2002) for the use of TPXO7.1.

Contact Laurie Padman for advice on which model to use for a particular application, to be added to an update notification list, or for further information on the tide models.

Download Instructions

The Matlab-based version of TPXO7.1, plus the TMD Toolbox, can be downloaded by clicking on the links below. The TPXO7.1 file size is ~144 MB. If you prefer to receive the model by CD, please contact us. TPXO tide models will continue to be developed by OSU. We will also occasionally make updates to TMD.

Download model (~171 MB)

Download TMD Matlab Toolbox

Download TMD Readme PDF

If you prefer, the model and TMD toolbox can be downloaded from our FTP site, as follows:

  1. ftp
  2. login: anonymous
  3. password: email address
  4. cd pub/datasets/tmd
  5. binary
  6. get (~171 MB)
  7. get (~0.3 MB)


    Egbert, G.D., and S.Y. Erofeeva, 2002: Efficient inverse modeling of barotropic ocean tides, J. Atmos. Oceanic Technol., 19(2), 183-204.