RossTIM: Ross Sea Velocity-Based Tidal Inverse Model

Laurence Padman, ESR

Map of K1 sea surface height amplitude (m) from RossTIM (Model_Ross_VMADCP_9cm).
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Lana Erofeeva, OSU
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Funded by NSF Polar Programs

Model and Software Summary

RossTIM is a high-resolution, 1/8o x 1/24o (~4-5 km) regional model of the entire Ross Sea (see above figure) including the ocean cavity under the Ross Ice Shelf. The model is optimized by data assimilation of 3 cruises of vessel-mounted ADCP data from the western Ross Sea; see Erofeeva et al. (2005) for cruise track locations. Thus, we expect that model performance is best for prediction of tidal currents in the western Ross Sea. For other purposes, e.g., tide height estimates for the Ross Ice Shelf, models such as our Ross Sea height-based inverse model Ross_Inv_2002 (Padman et al. (2003)) may be more accurate.

RossTIM is distributed with a Matlab Graphical User Interface ("GUI") called "TMD" (the Tide Model Driver). TMD can be used to quickly access and browse the model, and to make tide height and current (velocity component) predictions. The TMD package also contains scripted functions for use in batch-mode Matlab processing. For an overview of the GUI and scripts, view or download the README PDF file. For FORTRAN access, please go to the Oregon State "OTIS" web page.

Please reference Erofeeva et al. (2005) for the use of RossTIM.

Contact Laurie Padman for advice on which model to use for a particular application, to be added to an update notification list, or for further information on the tide models.

Download Instructions

The Matlab-based version of RossTIM, plus the TMD Toolbox, can be downloaded by clicking on the links below. The RossTIM file size is ~34 MB. If you prefer to receive the model by CD, please contact us. RossTIM will continue to be developed through the life of the AnSlope program. We will also occasionally make updates to TMD.

Download model (~34 MB)

Download TMD Matlab Toolbox

Download TMD Readme PDF

If you prefer, the model and TMD toolbox can be downloaded from our FTP site, as follows:

  1. ftp
  2. login: anonymous
  3. password: email address
  4. cd pub/datasets/tmd
  5. binary
  6. get (~34 MB)
  7. get (~0.3 MB)


  1. Erofeeva, S. Y., G. D. Egbert, and L. Padman, 2005: Assimilation of ship-mounted ADCP data for barotropic tides: Application to the Ross Sea, J. Atmos. Oceanic Technol., in press.

  2. Padman, L., S. Erofeeva, and I. Joughin, 2003: Tides of the Ross Sea and Ross Ice Shelf Cavity, Antarctic Science, 15(01), 31-40.