Dr. Gary Lagerloef – Interview with Alan Stahler on KVMR-FM Radio

May 14, 2013

Dr. Lagerloef's interview aired May 14, 2013 on "Soundings", hosted by Alan Stahler, on KVMR-FM radio , broadcast from Nevada City, CA.

The interview focused on the emerging data from the Aquarius Mission and surprising insights into the role of Atlantic Ocean moisture evaporation being delivered to the eastern tropical Pacific as rainfall. The role of the freshwater "plume" of the Amazon River as it meets the ocean was also explored, including the mechanism of passing hurricanes using the energy of the warm fresh water on the ocean’s surface from the plume. Arctic ice melt was also discussed, including ongoing research into separating the "signal" of ice and land, to determine where the fresh ice melt is going. Dr. Lagerloef expressed his interest in using Aquarius data to learn more about the close relationship of changes in ocean salinity from one part of the globe to another, and how that links to changes in rainfall & ocean circulation. Understanding the coupling of the global water cycle with ocean circulation and climate variability is part of the long range goal for Aquarius data collection.

The interview is available here, as an MP3 audio file.