"Climate Research in the Space Age"
Open Mic Science Lecture by Dr. Gary S.E. Lagerloef

Bainbridge Island, WA - November 4, 2010

On November 4, 2010, Dr. Lagerloef was invited by the Open Mic Science lecture series based on Bainbridge Island, WA to present his lecture, “Climate Research in the Space Age” to an audience of over 40 attendees, followed by a lively Q&A session.

This series of science lectures invites the community to evening lectures at a local café to explore ideas in science and technology in an informal, social setting. Open Mic Science - A Bainbridge Science Café is based on the principles of Cafe Scientifique and is committed to the public understanding of science.

Dr. Lagerloef gave a slideshow presentation which may be downloaded, outlining the various earth science satellites in orbit at this time, including JASON and GRACE and provided an overview of their respective scientific missions to collect data for furthering understanding of Earth science and Earth’s climate. Dr. Lagerloef showed satellite data that documents global sea level rise, melting ice sheets and disappearing sea ice from the Arctic, (see Note below). The final part of his presentation focused on NASA’s Aquarius SAC-D Mission, for which he is Principal Investigator. This ground breaking satellite mission is scheduled for launch in 2011 and will take salinity measurements of the Earth’s oceans, using microwave technology. Various climate cycle mechanisms now affecting global climate change were discussed by Dr. Lagerloef, as well as an explanation of the water cycle and why salinity measurements from Aquarius will contribute to scientific understanding of ocean circulation patterns and corresponding climate change.

To learn more about the subject, of "Climate Research in the Space Age" you may download Dr. Lagerloef’s Informational Handout.

Note: Download the 40 MB animation of the record Arctic sea ice melting in 2007.

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