Susan L. Howard
Research Associate

2101 Fourth Ave., Suite 1310
Seattle, WA 98121, USA

Phone:+1 360-799-5319
Fax:+1 206-726-0524

Susan Howard joined ESR in 1997 after earning her Master's degree in Oceanography from Oregon State University studying tidal mixing in the Arctic. Since then, she has continued to study tides and mixing primarily in the Southern Ocean and Antarctic shelf seas. In 2001, she participated in the Southern Ocean GLOBEC cruise aboard the R/V N.B. Palmer to the western Antarctic Peninsula shelf region (see her Antarctic pictures). She has also been involved in several modeling studies of tides and mixing around the Antarctic.

After spending 4 years in New Zealand working as a physical simulation developer in the Visual FX industry, she happily returned to ESR and Seattle in 2012 and is continuing her work in the polar oceans. She is also involved in a variety of educational outreach opportunites and enjoys sparking kids' interest in the ocean.

Past Research Projects:

Special Interests: Polar oceanography; internal tides and mixing; tides modelling; and climate oscillations.


B.A. (1993) Rutgers University (Mathematics)
M.S. (1997) Oregon State University (Oceanography).

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